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Whether creating new work for theatre or film, running our contemporary performance festival – Heads Up, or working with companies from all sectors to unlock creative potential, we aim to be constantly innovative.

We deliver and manage large and small scale projects, make live performance for found spaces and unusual places, and produce beautiful and engaging work with E52 Films. Throughout, we strive to make culture, creativity and the arts accessible to everyone.

Born out of our home city of Hull in the North of England, our reach extends nationally and internationally, with our experienced vanguard of artists and associates. We work with partners such as the Battersea Arts Centre, Arts Council England, the British Council, the NHS, and numerous businesses to not only develop our own work but to seek out and nurture the best emerging creative forces.

We are responsible, political and social and believe entertainment, creativity and the arts can be truly transformational for audiences, business and participants.

Current projects include work with ATT (Active Training Team) to deliver large-scale training programmes across Yorkshire; Creation of bursary scheme for young performers from the Hull and East Yorkshire area; Planning for Heads Up to deliver future festivals and productions and; E52 Films working with clients including the NHS and Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City to create film projects that go beyond the commercial.

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We produce beautiful and engaging work with E52 Films.